Wednesday, September 20, 2006

"Someone told me it's all happening at the zoo. . ."

I'm taking an animal drawing class at SVA. . .turns out to be more like a animal painting class as we are using watercolor to
"capture the *spirit* of the animals." Yeah, well anyway. . .I just like drawing animals. . .or err painting them, in this case. Turns out this watercolor technique is really loose and fun. . .but I still want to draw the animals, you know. So maybe I'll do a little bit of this (because it won't hurt me to do something loose. . .and they look kind of cool) and a little bit of drawing.

Here's what I did for the first class at the Bronx Zoo:


Brian Growe said...

Whoa, those look excellent Erin!

Dik Pose said...

these are great!!! Love em!!

Ariel said...

You dont know me.. but all i know is that these are great! Sometimes working without lines pushes you to do things differently, which is good! Trues me, i know it's hard not working with lines.. Keep it up!

Smook said...

I think these are beautiful studies. Keep it up!