Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Where I Am Headed

Here is a succession of life and head drawings. Through the whole process, I have been trying to get used to the pencil (it's different from what I've used before), absorb new techniques and ways of drawing, try to merge my own way of drawing with these new techniques, and try not to lose what I liked about my drawings originally. It's to say the least, a difficult task. . .but then again, nothing worth achieving comes easy. These drawings reflect that struggle. I have to acknowledge the teachers there who have been so helpful. Some of these drawings reflect their input as they are ever so generous with their time and feedback, readily willing to sit down and do overlays and draw on your drawing to help you see and draw better.

Where I Started

Here are two drawings I did just to guage where I was at and to compare for later on: these reflect my prior teachings, drawing style, and ability. Before Watt's, I hadn't done longer than a 20 minute pose in years.

Back to School: Watt's Atelier

Hi everyone. I want to post some of the work I have been doing in school to show my progress and what I have been up to. Time flies when you're having fun. . .though moving 3,000 miles to a new place is never easy, I have found attending Watt's Atelier to be a rewarding and enjoyable experience so far. I can't believe my first term there is already more than halfway over. It's such a positive creative environment, the teachers are awesome, and I am learning a lot. I wish I found this school a long time ago. Earlier this week, I was thumbing through an old sketchbook and found a list I had made of things I wanted to do about a year ago. One item said "Get better at art." and next to it was scribbled "Check out Watt's Atelier." I had run into it on the internet, and when I saw the description, I thought "gee. . .wouldn't that be nice to move back to California and do this." And so here I am.

Also. . .check out the school's website: I highly reccomend it if you're looking to learn true representational art, if you're trying to improve on the ability you already have, if you're also interested in illustration and entertainment arts, if you just want to get "good." This is the best way to go about it. . .

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

"The West-Going Heart"

It has only been 2 months since I've been back to my birth-state. I am no longer Californian. I have a little New Yorker in me. . .I have maybe even a little New Jersey in me. I have the cold Atlantic crashing into the warm Pacific of childhood dreams.

I had a west-going heart and took the train across country when I moved. I had flown over the U.S. enough in the past three years- it was time to see the glorious details of everything I flew over. So, with the decision to move, I decided to take the opportunity to travel across on land. It was an experience I highly reccomend to anyone who is up for a traveling adventure and doesn't have to get somewhere real fast. It gives you the opportunity to appreciate the varied beauty of these great united states. . .it gives you the opportunity to slow down, meet people of different walks of life, and enjoy the act of traveling.

My train trip consisted of 4 trains. I first took the Lakeshore Limited 22 hours (we were 4 hours delayed on the tracks due to freight traffic) to Chicago. Then I took the Texas Eagle 4 hours south to Springfield, IL. I spent 3 days in Springfield visiting all of the Lincoln sites. I am so glad I made the stop here as I not only had the opportunity to learn more and be closer to my hero, but also discovered new creative kin: Vachel Lindsay, the poet/artist known for his performances of his poetry in the early part of the last century. Leaving Springfield, I took the Anne Ruteledge 9 hours to Kansas City, MO. Then I transfered to my final train, the Santa Fe Chief- 38 hours to Fullerton, CA.

While on the train, I did little watercolor and ink sketches of the scenery passing by.
Here are the sketches. . .I hope you enjoy.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Alien Invasion

Here's the alien project all finished up. . .for baby Veronika. This is a somewhat 3-D piece~ the top part was cut out of plywood by hand.