Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Back to School: Watt's Atelier

Hi everyone. I want to post some of the work I have been doing in school to show my progress and what I have been up to. Time flies when you're having fun. . .though moving 3,000 miles to a new place is never easy, I have found attending Watt's Atelier to be a rewarding and enjoyable experience so far. I can't believe my first term there is already more than halfway over. It's such a positive creative environment, the teachers are awesome, and I am learning a lot. I wish I found this school a long time ago. Earlier this week, I was thumbing through an old sketchbook and found a list I had made of things I wanted to do about a year ago. One item said "Get better at art." and next to it was scribbled "Check out Watt's Atelier." I had run into it on the internet, and when I saw the description, I thought "gee. . .wouldn't that be nice to move back to California and do this." And so here I am.

Also. . .check out the school's website: I highly reccomend it if you're looking to learn true representational art, if you're trying to improve on the ability you already have, if you're also interested in illustration and entertainment arts, if you just want to get "good." This is the best way to go about it. . .

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