Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Where I Am Headed

Here is a succession of life and head drawings. Through the whole process, I have been trying to get used to the pencil (it's different from what I've used before), absorb new techniques and ways of drawing, try to merge my own way of drawing with these new techniques, and try not to lose what I liked about my drawings originally. It's to say the least, a difficult task. . .but then again, nothing worth achieving comes easy. These drawings reflect that struggle. I have to acknowledge the teachers there who have been so helpful. Some of these drawings reflect their input as they are ever so generous with their time and feedback, readily willing to sit down and do overlays and draw on your drawing to help you see and draw better.


Mac McCool said...

Welcome back to CA, Erin! Looks like you're consuming a lot of charcoal these days (it has a nasty habit of getting everywhere!). Nice drawings (and the watercolors and inks of your train trip and of the birds -- previous blog entries -- are super!!!).

Cliff Cramp said...

Nice Stuff Erin! My office hours are on Wednesday 1-3, I'll stay later if you can make it up some time. I would enjoy getting together and catching up.