Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Encinitas Sketches

When I get stir crazy I've been riding my bike to explore Encinitas. . .I usually end up at the beach. Here are some sketches.

^Reminder: don't paint with sunglasses on. . .the sun was so bright!

Playing Around & Practicing

Just playing around with this one (can you tell who I had on my mind?)

Practicing head drawing. . .I've done this portrait about 5 times. . .I think this one is the most successful though not entirely finished. It's of Vachel Lindsay. I wanted to practice on heads of people that inspire me.

SkOoL iS kOoL

This is the last week of school. . .the entire term flew by faster than lead snapping off the pencil you've been spending 10 minutes trying to sharpen. I am so glad to have found the atelier. . .I feel that I have grown a bit in the short time I've been taking classes. . .and this is such a great feeling compared the the stagnancy I felt prior to coming here. You got to keep moving in order to grow. . .moving forward that is. I'm glad I made the move here. . .though there are some developments I will share later.

Here are the drawings (all in various stages). Once again, thanks goes out to the teachers whose input is reflected in all of these drawings.

Life Drawings:

^ I was really happy with this one as it is one of the more complete drawings I have been able to do this semester.

Some 20-Minute Layins:

Figure Quicksketch:
^This page isn't designed nicely like the ones you see in the wall. . .but it's one of my earlier attempts at their style of quicksketch. On it is some feedback from Jeff and Doug.

Head Drawings:

^This was a bad drawing day. . .but what really helped me was Doug's suggestion to just have fun and experiment with rendering on a day like that. Usually frustration really gets me on a day like that. . .but turning it into an opportunity really helped. . .I'll try to keep that in mind each time a "bad drawing day" comes up.

Figure Invention:

This class has been so helpful. . .Erik really breaks down the difficult task of figure invention, making it seem more simple and manageable than I ever thought it was. We've been working on figures for one of our own illustrations. I don't know if I am going to finish this one through- I'm not sure how I want to do it and how I want it to look anymore. I've been looking at a lot of inspiration. I also don't feel that my character as far as design goes is where I want it to be. But it's the best I can do right now and I am pretty happy with it so far.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Cool Site

I ran into this site today while looking for inspiration/reference:

It has good quality large historical photos (pretty darn good for the internet that is)- anything from Indians and Cowboys to Presidents and Generals. I was looking for Indian reference and ended up getting sucked into looking at all the faces long dead. These are the people who shaped our world. . .who left footprints, no matter if we can readily see those footprints or not. Here's a cool photo from the site:

I've got more stuff to post once I take the time to scan them in. Mostly school stuff I guess, but at least I am drawing. This is a tough time. And, I would like to update my website. . .so I shall be working on that. It really needs a total overhaul, but I'm just going to add some more recent stuff (more recent than 2003!) for now. I looked at it recently. . .and boy. . .old art does not age well! Yikes. . .Anyways, hopefully that will be done soon.