Wednesday, October 03, 2007

From the mountains I am come

Hi everyone. I have come back from the mountains after having participated in the CCC/Americorps Backcountry Trails Program. For the past 5 months, I had the awesome opportunity to live and work in the wilderness. If you're 18 - 26, I highly reccomend checking out the program:
I was on the Stanislaus Crew- we started in Big Basin State Park along the ocean in the redwoods, and moved into Stanislaus NF (just north of Yosemite), working out of 3 camps. Our final camp was 14 miles in the backcountry next to Emigrant Lake in the Emigrant Wilderness. My heart will now always lie with the mountains. I miss the mountains, the people on my crew, and the work greatly. I tried my best to keep a sketchbook. Here's a selection of watercolors and sketches that I did throughout the season. On the weekends, we were able to go backpacking and explore other parts of the forest. This is when I had time to paint with my little pocket watercolor set. I hope you enjoy. If you'd like to view photographs from my experience, click here.
Watercolor done viewing Cherry Lake in Yosemite

Quick watercolor of view from Relief Resevoir

Tree near Relief Resevoir

View of the east side of the Sierras

Maxwell Lake with a view of Bigelow Peak

View of the face near our home during a stormy day.

View of Emigrant Meadow & Emigrant Lake- our home.

@ the end of Emigrant Lake

View from Snow Lake

<>View of Lake Vernon, Yosemite

Sketches of Peter Lewis @ orientation

Sketch of Convict Lake

Our Jungle Can

This was the design for the front of our t-shirt that I did which was never used. The ink was going to be white on a dark color.


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