Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Creation and Destruction of the Cosmos

On the science channel last night, there was a documentary circa the 70's about the cosmos and its creation. It had mentioned theories about the creation of the universe previously unheard by my ears that centered around ancient Hindu beliefs. The Hindus apparently believed that each galaxy was created by a god's dream. Every galaxy had it's own god and after many years (I forget how many), their dreams would crumble from existence and the galaxies would cease to exist. And then, they would dream over again, and new galaxies would be created and the cycle would repeat. Tying it into the current astronomical sciences, the documentary stated some scientists to believe that the expansion and contraction of the universe may represent the same phenomena. When the universe expands, galaxies and the contents of the universe are created and exist for billions/trillions of years, to cease to exist when the universe starts to contract and all matter is compressed (and if you're a scientist, please correct me if I am saying this wrong). It is a cycle, and the contents of each cycle are oblivious to the contents of each previous or future cycle.

I found the documentary's conclusion, although an obvious turn, to be that which rattles the constructs of reality in our brains, and makes the world and our existence seem a little less certain than we have made it out to be (even though certainty it is not). It is a little mind earthquake:

"Perhaps man and the universe are the creations of god's dreams, or perhaps god is the creation of man's dreams." oooohhh

While this was going on and I was in the midst of packing (I'm going on a trip!). . .I grabbed a paper and pencil and sketched this. . .nothing special. . .quick, and not too much thought put into it. . .but I wanted to sketch, and I am happy for that.

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