Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Top Secret!

Well, it has been pointed out by my fellow coworker that I am a complete failure when it comes to this art blog thing ;p To disprove my coworker and to satisfy the few requests for more postings. . .I will post the current project I am working on outside of work. But shhh- you must keep this secret! Don't tell my friend- as it is a present for her baby shower. Got that? Cool. . .thanks.

Basically, I wanted to avoid the typical store bought clothing items and desired to give something that would enrich the child's entire life. A library! Why not introduce her to the wonderful world of pictures and words from the very beginnning? Hopefully then she will too grow up to love the magical world of books and stories. This is going to be a personalized sign (the baby's name will be up on the top left hand corner) that can set ontop of a bookshelf. It will be painted in acrylic on a deep cradle board. I am going to buy some books too in the end. This will be somewhat of a 3-D piece as I intend on getting wood letters to affix to the front and the top corner alien will be cut out. Maybe I'll make matching bookends to go with it too. But for now, it's just this.


Danny Hynes said...

Very cool! Post more!

Giuseppe Bianco said...

I am telling "you know who" about this. Just kidding. It looks great. So you have inspired and convinced me to start my own blog.
We'll talk about it after your trip. Your latest stuff looks great. Really.